Custom designed vanities – Your choice of materials and design, what a concept.

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Bathrooms can serve as havens. It’s your retreat in the master bedroom, your place of relaxation. Here you stand in front of the mirror to clean yourself up, apply makeup, or do your hair in your own style to face the world. Even guests can do all of these same things, especially if they need to slip away from the crowd in the rest of the house and regather themselves to continue the evening. The bathroom remodel is one of the most requested construction projects homeowners plunge into.

The vanity choice is perhaps one of the most important considerations you’ll dive into with a bathroom remodel. A double vanity, space willing, is the most popular choice in the master as typically you’ll be fighting for sink space during the morning rush to get ready. Consulting your designer about options depending on bathroom size is a must-have conversation. You’ll want to think about both your morning and nightly routines in the choice of size and number of sinks.

Custom made countertops is a must-have in the choice of concept and materials. With in-house milling of materials, you have innumerable options that will fit your space perfectly. Modern advancements in material selection allow you an infinite combination of colors and design elements.

Many remodeling companies outsource the cabinetry and countertops. An uncommon, but highly sought after service, is the ability of a company to have complete control over design and materials in-house. Moses General Contractors is uniquely advantageous in the remodeling industry in San Antonio because these elements are not subcontracted out. Your vanity choice will be exactly what you and your designer choose. The best of both worlds for your next bathroom remodel.


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