Differences in custom cabinet front panels – Flat vs Raised

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Obtaining the right cabinets for your kitchen can be very difficult, and a slim chance with no direction. However, it does not need to take this much effort. The key to finding the right cabinets is knowing what style you want and what the differences, both positive and negative, are. One of the main differences is whether or not the panels of the center cabinets are raised or recessed. Knowing which you prefer before going to find it can be a huge help, and make the search a lot shorter.

Their biggest difference is their height, or more specifically, the height of the center panel door. Raised panels are what they sound like, the center panel of the cabinet is raised above the rest, usually with some kind of border around it. They often have much more detail and are quite intricate compared to other cabinets. Recessed panel cabinets, however, have flat center panels with raised borders, coming across as a sleeker, more refined option.

The more traditional style being raised panel cabinets, you’ll undoubtedly find these more often than not on intricate cabinets in traditionally-designed kitchens. Not only do they work well in the traditional home, they can also function rather well in transitional, country, or rustic homes, as they add a nice sense of dimension and detail to the overall living space. This is not a design for the modern or contemporary houses, and if that is your house, recessed panel cabinets are the far more appealing fit. They lack decorative sense and detail, which is more suited to a modern style as stated previously. This style is a very popular choice because of how simple it is and how well it blends into a various amount of different kitchen designs. In this sense, they’ve often been referred to as the chameleon of the cabinet industry for how well they perform at blending into many different designs.

Moses Kitchen and Bathroom Design provide in-house cabinet milling. All height and design requirements can be custom fit to your space. You do not have to settle for out-of-the-box cabinet materials, not design. You’ll get custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets that are made-to-order and can provide that extra luxurious feel your kitchen or bathroom remodel.


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