Five Features of Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

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Down and dirty tips you can use right now to jump into Mid-Century Modern.

1. Less Clutter

Get rid of extra furniture you do not use. You want to create an open-air style to your space. Mid-century design is about openness and functionality. Having extra furniture or knick-knacks around will push the space in the wrong direction.

2. Sleek lines combined with organic shapes.

You’ll see tall slender legs in chairs combined with bent plywood or plastic to create flowing functionality. Often mid-century furniture is futuristic looking yet comfortable. You’ll find many geometric shapes and clean lines in furniture and fixtures. Glass, metal, plastics, and fabrics are combined to create simple and elegant functional works of art.

3. Openness

Mid-Century design is about openness and bringing nature into the home. Large glass patio windows and light bring in the outdoors. Combined with open floor plans the flow through the home is not segmented. There is typically an abundance of natural light opportunities.

4. Simple Forms

In geometric mid-century design, you’ll see a circular table with squat legs. In a more organic design, you’ll find fabric overlaid over a specific shape. The combination of simple forms is iconic in mid-century design. Long chromed poles with points of lights at the end are often found in light fixtures.

5. Colors

Although modern mid-century harkens to greys and whites in many areas of the home, traditional is full of color. Bright colors are used to accent the home, especially with furniture and home accents. Organically shaped vases with bright red tones or couches with padding that is yellow or blue. The combination of colors is used to create a cheery atmosphere.
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