Shaker Style Continues To Be Timeless and Dominant Trend

Shaker style kitchen cabinets continue to be the most popular style of cabinet doors in the San Antonio area and nationwide. Shaker cabinets are a five-piece style front door with a recessed flat center panel. The most popular style is a flat wooden facing, however many customers choose a glass facing for accent kitchen display pieces. Drawers of shaker cabinets tend to be either five-piece in design or flat in design with soft closes.

Colors in almost all of our customer choices are in either the white or grey color spectrum. Most kitchens completed in 2018 and the first part of 2019 have been matte colors. Grey’s tend to be light and accented with white subway tile backsplashes for a timeless look. The great idea of a grey and white color scheme is the accents come from decorations. This allows customers to revamp their kitchen colors by changing out accent pieces of dishware, greenery, and small appliances. Refrigerators are being enclosed by cabinetry in almost all of the designs. This allows for a more recessed look overall for the kitchen.

White is the other choice for the majority of the cabinets we’ve manufactured. The impressive aspect of white cabinetry is the ability to choose various shades of white with matte or gloss finishes. Either of these choices allows for a client to set the stage for the rest of the kitchen and paired with a grey countertop you have an impressive kitchen statement. The backsplash chosen can even be colored subway tile for an additional wow factor. This combined with the right hardware and soft closes for all drawers makes for a design that will make the neighbors envious.

You really cannot go wrong with a white and grey kitchen design. A combination of hardware, accent cabinets and backsplash can make a kitchen the centerpiece of the house.