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Your roof is the first defense against the elements, make sure it is in good shape and has no leaks.

Your roof is the one part of the building that protects what’s inside it from all elements like rain, heat or cold. There are three major elements that comprise the design of the roof.

First, you have the material.  The material of a roof may be composed of asphalt shingles, aluminum sheets, and a number of precast concrete and ceramic tiles. Roofs can also have aesthetic elements such as sun lights, domes, and vents. The material chosen depends on your desires and the overall support structure of your building. Other roof materials used are moisture barriers, flashing, and insulation on the underside of the roof.

The next element is construction.  The construction of a roof is determined by the space below is and specific designs including overall roof size and pitch.  Pitch is the angle at which the roof is rising from its lowest to the highest peak and a combination thereof. Special equipment may also be needed depending on building location and roof structure. Overall drainage challenges can also determine roof material and construction.

The last element is durability.  It is the matter of concern because the roof normally is the least accessible part of any building for repair and renovation. Roofs need to be durable and long lasting with little need for maintenance.

There are so many things to know with regards to roofs and roofing.  For your roofing needs let the experts do the work for you.  Moses Home Improvement is here to assist you.  Call (210) 314-0416 or schedule an estimate and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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