Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2019

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In 2018, we saw trends in black and white contrasts, greyscale and natural stone countertops. This year continues some of these trends and others are less popular, below are the Top 5 trends we’re seeing in kitchen design so far in 2019. 

1. Natural Stone — This continues to be a huge trend in kitchen design. The man-made natural looking stone falls directly into this trend. We see less and less modern-style countertops, no tile, and more sturdy countertops that anchor the kitchen. Colors are still trending to whites and greys and we do not see a huge influx of darker countertops.

2. Hidden Storage — Many clients are opting for non-hardware cabinets, thus giving a concealed flat look to the cabinets. This allows the cabinetry to almost look like one huge piece instead of individual cabinet boxes. This gives a smooth appearance and a striking visual to the overall design of the kitchen. 

3. Brushed Stainless & Pewter Fixtures — The brushed stainless steel look continues to dominate in kitchen design. You do not see much shiny chrome looks being utilized in kitchen design. This allows for your kitchen to be timeless as these fixtures fit in with most kitchen design themes. Overall we see this trend to continue along with farmhouse sinks and elegant single commercial-style faucets. 

4. Pendant Lighting — This has been a trend for the past 5 years and is an elegant way to accent a kitchen. This is a timeless look and can really change the dynamic in a kitchen. Pendants can range from modern art deco to blown glass. You can really inject personality into your kitchen with pendant lighting. 

5. Colored Cabinetry — The plain white cabinet trend may be on the decline. More and more kitchen designs are adding bold colors in cabinetry combined with natural stone countertops. This may turn out to be a fad, but we’ll see. This much color in a huge element of the kitchen is a statement. As a homeowner, you’ll want to be committed to the colors you choose for the long haul, that is until your next kitchen renovation. 

Designing a kitchen can be a task. Taking advantage of a professional kitchen designer can really help to cement your ideas and allow you to visualize what your kitchen will look like. If you’re into trendy design the Top 5 trends are your way to go. The mixing of classical elements with modern design can give you a kitchen that’ll last for decades. 

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